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Category: Irrigated Agronomy

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Using Crop Residues to get out of the Dammer Diking – Tillage Cycle

Farmers wanting to maintain more crop residue cover on their fields are often prevented from doing so by previous dammer diking. While dammer diking controls…

Consider Surface Banding Your Starter Fertilizer

Starter fertilizer is necessary for high corn yields at our Northern latitude, and especially with high residue farming systems. A common way to apply dry…

Best Bets for High Residue Farming in the Irrigated Columbia Basin

When considering the risk of using high residue farming in the Columbia Basin, there are some crops that are high risk and some that are…

Cold Springs Reduce Strip-tilled Corn Yields

I have talked to several growers who are concerned about how cold springs have reduced their strip-tilled corn yields when compared to corn with full…
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