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Category: Irrigated Agronomy

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Mustard Green Manure Label

Mustard, before Potatoes* For Improved Soil and Suppression of some Soil Pests Download PDF CAUTION Requires MANAGEMENT for best results Consider time, labor, and equipment…

High Residue Farming under Irrigation Publications

EM071 High Residue Farming Under Irrigation: What and Why provides an overview of high residue farming (HRF), including its benefits and challenges. It also discusses…

Crop Residue Saves Water

Besides protecting the soil surface, crop residue can reduce evaporation, saving water for use by your crops. Evaporation from soil occurs in three stages:

Protect the Soil Surface to Increase Water Infiltration

If you want your soil to take water faster, protect the surface with crop residues. This was shown in a classic study from 1940. F.L.…

Lessons from Cover Crops Overseeded into Corn

In a 2013 on-farm trial, we evaluated cover crop species for their ability to germinate and grow when overseeded in late summer into a corn…
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